What we provide: 

- a stipend of £6,000 per year paid monthly to the apprentice (including three weeks paid holiday to be taken during the year).

What we expect:

- a high degree of commitment and competence from apprentices to ensure they make a realistic contribution to the host potter.

- a high degree of commitment from the host potter to ensure the apprentice benefits from the opportunity. The apprentice will learn from direct teaching, but also from observation of good practice.

- the apprentices will learn and develop the necessary skills required to establish their own careers and businesses.

- the apprentice will assist the Trust at exhibitions and fairs wherever possible.

- the apprentice will provide the Trust with at least 25 mugs or similar during the course of the apprenticeship.  The mugs will be sold at fairs and exhibitions and the proceeds will contribute towards funding the apprenticeship.

How to apply:

- the apprentice is expected to identify the host potter with whom they would like to work and to gain the consent of the host potter in order to make a joint application for funding (see Identifying a Host Potter)

- no educational qualifications are necessary, but a reasonable knowledge and experience of working with clay is required to make a positive contribution to the host potter.

- there is no age limit and every applicant is considered on their own merit.

- applications must be made using our application form which can be downloaded from the link below.  The application deadline for 2025 funding is 31st October 2024.

- once you have established an agreement between you and your chosen host potter please apply for funding by submitting the application form with all the necessary information together with 6 good quality images of your work.

- the host potter is also required to complete the application form, and submit a CV and up to 6 images.

Identifying a host potter:

As part of your application, it is important to define what it is you want to learn, i.e. your interest in terms of skills and techniques, etc. The apprenticeship is intended to add to your knowledge and skills, so it is recommended you carefully research host potters to ensure they can assist you to realise your ambitions.

We recommend The Ceramics Book published by Ceramic Review Publishing Ltd, a directory of Craft Potters Association professional members, and www.studiopottery.co.uk, featuring potters all over the UK, both of which give a brief description of the potter’s work and contact details.  Visiting the Ceramic Fairs held throughout the year to meet potters and see their work firsthand is invaluable.

The Trust has certain requirements that is expects the Host Potter to observe. Please ensure that these are discussed and agreed with your chosen partner.

Requirements for Host Potters:

- appropriate employers liability insurance cover.

- the provision of a safe working environment within the bounds of common sense.

- the provision of suitable safety equipment if needed i.e. face masks when mixing glazes.

- tuition, comment and guidance for the apprentice on a daily basis.

- sufficient time for the apprentice to make their own work (half a day per week at least).

- to ensure that the apprentice is punctual and committed and advise the Trust if the apprentice is absent from work for a protracted period of time to the detriment of the partnership.

- to donate a significant piece for Adopt a Potter to auction to raise funds to support the next apprentice.

Deadline for Applications:

Please complete the form below and return it by email to mail.adoptapotter@gmail.com by 31st October 2024.   Please include your CVs and the links to your portfolios of images.  Successful applicants will be notified by 1st December 2024.

If you have any questions about apprenticeships or the application process, please contact us:  mail.adoptapotter@gmail.com.